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Cosmetic Injection

Anti-wrinkle and Dermal Filler injection in Preston and Melbourne northern suburbs.

Dr Hossein Samaei is an experienced general practitioner who will perform anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injection in BioDerm Cosmetic Clinic at 412 Murray Road, Preston VIC 3072

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Anti-wrinkle Injection

improving your wrinkles with relaxing the muscles

Dermal Filling

adding natural product to your skin to look fresh

Lip Augmentation

enhancing your lip without changing your natural look

Skin Restoration

feel the freshness of your skin

tired of excessive sweating?

enjoy wearing color clothes with no concern of underarm excessive sweating 

We try to keep your natural look

Cosmetic injection should not change your natural look,  so we will improve your skin to look fresh, but not different.

  • Using the best material available
  • Maintaining our care until achieving the perfect result
  • Excellent infection control methods
  • Minimal pain

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412 Murray Road, Preston VIC 3072

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